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One thing I love about this country is the endless amount of beauty services and the fact that women here really love to take care of themselves and pamper themselves. So with this, you can image it might be quite a task to decide where exactly to go and for what services with the immense amount of places to choose from….nails, hair, facials, massages,body treatments, waxing, threading, make-up, extensions (be it hair or eyelashes), and so on and so on – the list goes on! Well I am happy to tell you we were invited recently to try out a few services from a reputable salon, Tips & Toes and all I can say are great things! If enticed, please keep reading….

Tips & Toes is not new. It has actually been around since April 2005 and since then, it has rapidly expanded with a current total of 18 branches located across five Emirates. They have won a number of awards, including Ahlans “Best in Dubai” (2012), along with both the “What’s On Dubai” (2012) and Abu Dhabi Awards (2012; 2013).

Tips & Toes offers a list of services as long as the red carpet at the Academy Awards! Services such as, nail care, nail enhancements, nail art, pedicures, foot treatments, hair removal, massage, eyelash extensions, make-up, skincare, facials, hair care, body treatments and many LPG slimming treatments are offered. IMG_6486

Well despite all the hype and all the awards, I don’t believe anything until I try it personally – so it was a delight when we were so graciously invited to try out any three services of our choice. Of course, we could not say no…it was just difficult choosing the three services out of their plethora of choices! Anyway, in the end, I opted for the:

1) Tips & Toes Signature Massage
2) Plantomer Lift-Off Mask Facial Treatment + De-Stress Eye Treatment
3) Full Set of Eyelash Extensions

I did the services between two different branches in Abu Dhabi: the Marina Mall branch and the Al Khaleej Al Arabi branch. Each service was a decedent delight all it’s own so let me elaborate:

Tips & Toes Signature Massage: This massage is a combination of acupressure point stimulation and pressure techniques accompanied with a light bending procedure and a technique of applying hot compresses all over the body. Th massage is supposed to reduce tension, stress and muscle pain to enhance the system of the body. FullSizeRender

My personal experience: heavenly. This was a 90-minute full body massage and my massage therapist knew exactly what she was doing! I was led to a beautifully dim-lighted room which protruded a sweet essence of lavender. There was soft music playing in the background and this just set the complete ambience and mood for the experience.The 90-minutes was bliss which included massaging my full body – back, shoulders, legs, arms, hands, feet and head and adding hot compresses in between, which was something I never had during a massage and I must say, it was wonderful! I asked for deep pressure and my massage therapist did so, crunching out the knots in my shoulders the size of golf balls! In the end, my body felt more relaxed and much better! I am definitely planning on going again for round two!

Plantomer Lift-Off Mask Facial Treatment + De-Stress Eye Treatment This facial treatment is a soothing treatment which calms redness and alleviates irritated and/or sensitive skin. They use a natural ingredient collected by bees called “Propolis Ampoule” which is applied to the skin to desensitize the skin’s surface and strengthens capillaries. A cool lift-off mask is then applied to seal in the vitamin-enriched ampoule. In addition to this, I added on the de-stress eye treatment which helps to repair and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles using 100% pure marine collagen. IMG_5724

My personal experience: It was wonderful and the complete treatment lasted about one hour. What I loved was the cool, tingly, refreshing feeling it left on my face. As well I LOVED the smell! I’m not sure if it was the marine collagen or the propolis ampoule (after all, produced by bees maybe it had a hint of honey in it!), but the essence was delightful the whole 60 minutes! In the end, my face felt cool, refreshed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend this facial and eye treatment to anyone who feels like their skin is looking “blah” and bland and needs to be revitalized. My technician Nati, was a delight and was professional and friendly.

Full Set Eyelash Extensions: So Eyelash extensions I have come to realize are all the hype at the moment and it seems like more and more women are raving about them and HAVE to have them. But you also hear horror stories about them as well, so one must be very careful when choosing the salon and making sure they have an expert eyelash extension technician doing the procedure, otherwise you risk losing your own eyelashes and in some cases even getting eye infections. I myself almost didn’t pick this service and was a bit hesitant as I myself had my own personal horror story of my own – went to another salon a few months back, tried eyelash extensions for the very first time, they were clumping and giving me problems, so after two weeks I went to get them removed and when I did, the technician at the salon ripped out half of my real lashes! Of course I was horrified and traumatized and I wore I would never get lash extensions again (thankfully my natural ones grew back).

In saying this, I have learned never to say never… I heard that Tips & Toes did really professional lashes and I was assured by a friend who had tried them there before that they would be amazing and not damage or pull out my natural lashes. So the risk-taker that I am…I dared to try again.

Untitled-1 My personal experience: I love them! As of the present moment, I still have my eyelash extensions on and I have since been back for a re-fill…and I believe I will continue to keep them on and keep up with the routine 2-3 week maintenance of receiving refills. The lashes are beautiful, full and I have had no problems with clumping or my own lashes falling out (like I had at a previous salon). And it’s so great because you don’t have to deal with mascara or eyelash curlers or anything anymore! Heck, you can even toss the eyeliner if you’d like as the lashes themselves make your whole eye pop, and nothing else is needed!

When getting your lash extensions you can personally choose an array of different lengths, styles and how full you want them to be. You just have go in for routine re-fills every 2-3 weeks as the lashes fall out naturally just as your own natural lashes do. The whole process of applying a full set of extensions took about two hours (you can pretty much fall asleep and take a nice nap) and the re-fill took about half the time, like one hour. So my recommendation is, if you don’t mind that lash extensions require a bit on maintenance (however, so do nails, hair, skin, etc.), then I say go for it! My eyelash technician was named Judylyn and she was delightful and has been doing eyelash extensions for about seven years, so quite a professional in my eyes ; )

Overall, I had a very good experience at Tips & Toes and being that they have so many branches throughout almost the whole UAE, there is always one close by to your convenience! So be it massage, facial, lash extensions, I recommend you give Tips & Toes a try! I am sure the their other services are excellent as well…so I may just have to book myself an appointment soon to try them out!

To find out more you can visit the Tips & Toes Website at:
Hotline: +971 (4) 399 0550

Thanks for reading Fashsetters and as always, stay fabulous, stay fashionable and in this case…stay beautiful! ; )

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