Simone Heng – How to Create a Niche Blog


We here at the Fashset were super excited to have Simone Heng come speak at our event and tell us all how to create a niche blog. If you don’t know Simone Heng, she is the ultra cute Singapore-born Australian TV and radio presenter based here in Dubai. She’s a tiny little thing yet she packs an ultra huge persona! Aside from TV and radio she started,, which is her fabulous DIY blog. If you haven’t checked out her blog, it should definitely be on your to-do list if you are into DIY projects. She has some absolutely amazing DIY creations for you to try on her blog!

In collaboration with the cartel, a new gorgeous retail showroom that just opened in early 2013 here in Dubai and with sponsorship from Dove Arabia, the event was a great success! Dove so generously gave away gifts to all our attendees and the cARTel allowed us to kindly invade their space for the evening, so a big shout out and thank-you to both of them! But of course the highlight of the evening was Ms. Heng herself. She began with a brief bio about herself, her company and then led us into how we can create our own niche blog and make it a success if we really put great content into it. There was a question and answer session at the end and the attendees really got one-on-one personal treatment from Simone. She was so wonderful to everyone!


To end the evening, Simone did a DIY workshop for us. What she created was so beautiful and she did it all in about five minutes! She took inspiration from a hair accessory piece she saw on the front page of a magazine and she re-created it right in front of our eyes. And guess who got to be so lucky to be the guinea pig and have her head as the workspace??? Yeah that would be me! In the end it turned out great and she really taught us that you can spend little money, invest little time and still make beautiful things! Also, she was so kind and gave away gifts to attendees, which were her own DIY creations.

We really enjoyed having Simone Heng give us her expertise and insight and we hope all our wonderful Fashsetters that attended enjoyed her just as much as we did!

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