Scintillia – A Piece of Heaven For Your Skin


Have you ever found one of those hidden places out and about in the city and when you do you tell yourself, OMG why have I not heard about this place before???!!! Well, I have just stumbled upon one of these places and I am very excited to tell you about it! However, let me first give you a bit of background information on Scintillia.


In January 2013, beauty entrepreneur and skincare specialist Tomadir Eltayeb founded the luxe beauty boutique and skincare centre in Abu Dhabi. What began as a one brand bearing store has turned into a multifaceted skincare centre in which treatments are tailored to the needs of each client.

Tomadir provides one-to-one consultations for all her customers at Scintillia and crafts skincare regimes to give long-lasting and in many cases, curative results. Scintilla has become renowned for its acne, eczema and brightening treatments and facials, and with Tomadir holding personal relationships with some of her top selling skincare brand owners, she can also provide bespoke products for clients with sever conditions.


The key services Scintillia offers are:

1) Facials
2) Body Massages
3) Specialized Skin treatments, for example:
– Natural Face Peeling for Acne
– Oxygen Infusion Treatments
4) Retail of natural and organic make-up

In addition to their services, Scintilla has a diversified collection of merchandise, ranging from mineral makeup to acne treatment regimens and aims to provide products that are not readily available in the Middle Eastern market. Tomadir spends much of her time traveling and trying products from brands around the world to help add to her collection and is always providing her clients with something new and original.

The mission of Scintillia is to to create and provide healthy, effective skin care services and wellness products designed to improve the skin and holistically enhance health from inside out.

Now that you have a feel for this lovely skincare centre, let me tell you about my own personal experience…..


I booked a session with Scintillia and arrived the day of my appointment with a little anticipation of how it would be. I’m a little embarrassed to say this but I have not had a facial treatment since relocating to this country (almost two years now…OMG I know!!!! So wrong)! All my prior facials had been in the U.S. or Europe so I wasn’t sure what to expect here in the Middle East…

One word: HEAVENLY!!!!

I am not over exaggerating or just saying this, but I have to admit that this was probably one of the best facials I have ever received in my life! I was blown away that this facial went far and beyond the facials that I had ever had before at “ritzy salons” in the past. I experienced the “Eve Lom Facial” and after I was given the “Oxygen Infusion Treatment.” Let me go into a bit more detail…

Upon arrival, the essence of flower blossoms could be smelt. I was greeted by the friendly staff and offered something to drink. I was then sent to my “private room” where the facial was about to take place. The room was a perfect temperature, the lighting dim with therapeutic music playing in the background and the smell of purity.


The start of my facial began with an amazing face massage, and it was quite long! After the face massage, my skin was cleansed and dried. After, a gentle paraffin wax was placed all over my face and was set to dry for 15 minutes. In addition, treatment was placed over my eyes. The 15 minutes seemed not long enough, as for those few minutes I seemed to be whisked away to another world. The music…the aroma in the air…that absolutely superb face massage I was just given…the smooth texture of the paraffin wax and how it felt on my skin – all of it was just dreamlike. However, I had to awaken from my dream after 15 minutes! But there was still more to come…


The next part was the extractions (taking out all the gunk from your pores that builds up over time). I remember getting this done in the past a numerous of times and remember it to be quite an unpleasant experience as it can hurt a bit sometimes. However, my technician must have been overly qualified for this job as it was not painful at all and I didn’t experience discomfort. Big plus! What followed was something that I was not expecting: a lymphatic acupressure massage to my head, neck, back, upper shoulders and décolleté. I was like, wow, I thought I was just getting a facial but now this has turned into an upper body massage as well! The massage was absolutely divine! To end the facial treatment, I was given an herbal compression that was just icing on the cake!


So after my heavenly facial was completed and I felt like I could possibly fly, there was still more. Now I was to receive my oxygen infusion treatment. If you are not familiar with an oxygen infusion treatment, basically it is a regimen aimed at evening out your complexion by reducing the appearance of pigmentation and other skin blemishes. After a number of treatments, your skin will regain texture and a much brighter and more radiant appearance.

I was led into a different room for this treatment. Tami, the owner of Scintillia Skincare actually performed this treatment on me herself as she specializes in it. I was laid down on a table and given a hair cap to put on. Tami began by putting on surgical gloves and getting her “instruments ready”…at that moment I was thinking, “Oh Lord…what is she going to do to me???” : ) But I guess that was just pre-treatment jitters of the unknown! So with her gloves on and her instrument ready, she started…and it was pain-free and relaxing!


She glided the instrument all over my face as it “pumped” oxygen deep down into the epidermis layers of my skin. This process took about 10 minutes. After it was completed, I was given a “clear mask” that was put all over my just oxygenated skin. I was told not to wash the mask off for 3-4 hours as it would fully penetrate deep down into my skin (again this mask was clear and thin and dried fast and you couldn’t see it). But word of advice, if you get this treatment, make sure you don’t have to go anywhere after that requires you to put on make-up ; ) – And that was the end of my treatment. And I can honesty say my skin was vibrantly glowing at the end of it!


The entire two treatments I received combined took approximately 2.5 hours. It was skin luxury at it’s finest! So for you reading this, I would HIGHLY recommend this skincare centre if you are looking for a place to receive facials or maybe you’re not quite happy with where you are going at the moment and would like to try something new…either way, you would be doing yourself a dis-service by not at least trying Scintillia. Don’t take my word for it. Experience it for yourself.

Here is a little more detail on each treatment I received:

The Eve Lom Facial:
– Price- 450dhs

Indulgent and deeply relaxing, this renowned facial begins with an evaluation of your skin’s present condition followed by a massage with Eve Loms iconic cleanser. The face is then layered with warm paraffin wax to awaken dull, tired and congested skin, preparing it for the application of specially selected EVE LOM products. You will then be treated to careful extractions and our signature lymphatic acupressure massage to the neck, back and décolleté. Calming herbal compressions will complete the experience, enhancing circulation and leaving your skin invigorated and radiant.

The Brightening & Radiance Oxygen Infusion Treatment:
– 500dhs

This treatment is aimed at evening out your complexion by reducing the appearance of pigmentation and other skin blemishes. The Hydra Deep Complex in combination with Red Sorrel Extracts help to regenerate and brighten darker regions of the skin, while SPF 25 UVA barriers help to build a protective layer shielding from further discoloration from the sun. As a result your skin will regain a unified texture and a much brighter and more radiant appearance.

The total price for these treatments are 950dhs, however, if you take both treatments as a package (as I did), you receive a discount and your price is 850dhs.


Scintillia is located on Muroor Road in Abu Dhabi just opposite the central bus station. In addition, Scintilia is excited to announce that they will be opening another centre, which will be located on Reem Island. They are looking to open in February 2015.

At the moment, Scintillia’s website is under construction as well as a re-vamp of all their social media channels. Due to this, in order to get a hold of them, it must be via telephone.

The numbers that Scintillia can be reached at are: 02 6744318 / 050 5663189

I do hope you try a facial or treatment or massage at Scintillia! I already know what one of my New Year’s Resolutions will be: Get a facial at Scintillia at least once a month!

Thanks for reading Fahsetters and stay beautiful!

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