Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015


And my very favorite fashion week has come, gone and was a huge success: Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015! The Italians were sensational and sultry as ever! Let us take a look at the top highlights and trends from this season’s Italian designers.

  • Dolce & Gabbana is the epitome of Italian fashion and what is Milan fashion week without this dynamic duo??? Dolce & Gabbana have usually taken their inspiration from Southern Italy since the dawn of time, producing whole collections based on black widows’ lace, the mosaics from the beautiful Monreale cathedral in Palermo, Sicily and the street-theatre puppets of Sicily as well. However, this season our favorite Milan duo pulled their inspiration from the lovely country of Espana! They incorporated inspirations from the bullrings of Spain, flamenco ruffles, blood red carnations and matador jackets. So do we say Viva Italia or Viva Espana here? 
  • Moschino’s collection this season was utterly no less that his last season’s Sponge Bob Square Pants and McDonald’s inspired collection.  This season he brought us, “Life in Plastic, it’s Fantastic!” The theme was “I’m a barbie girl in a barbie world” and his collection exhuberated this! Jeremy Scott’s second outing for the label was a tour de force of rollerskating models, waist-length blonde wigs and bubblegum pink prom dress frocks. Hmmm…wonder how he will top this season’s collection! We can only sit and wait for the fall 2015 collection!
  • Roberto Cavalli’s line this season was all about the seventies through the eyes of the  Milano-scope. Flowing hair, fringes and Cavalli’s sheer feathered flared pants made up the show! Of course he still incorporated his signature bright-colored animal prints in his collection – would not be Roberto Cavalli without them!
  • Missoni’s  stripes are arguably in  Missoni’s DNA, and yet again this pattern that Missoni has made its own for six decades was there from the start. Vertical, horizontal and chevron stripes were seen across delicate knit pieces on the runway. There was a  familiar bohemian spirit that ran through the collection. The color palette took hues from delicate pink and deep purple to Aegean blue…could have come straight from an artist’s pantone color wheel!


  • Prada’s  collection this season expressed tension between vintage fashion and modern design. There was a homage to craftsmanship and vintage fabrics but there was also something raw and jagged about the collection. “Confrontation” was the word Muccia Prada used most often when describing this season’s collection,. Fine gauze dresses, peeked, heavy double-breasted coats, ribbed sweaters in gaudy, yellows and greens were layered over intricately floral printed silks. The fundamental silhouette however was close to what counts as classic at Prada: the knee-length, A-line skirt shape she has made her own, with a utilitarian shirt collar, sometimes layered with a bright knit.
  • Max Mara’s show this season was inspired by its 1971 advertising campaign starring Anjelica Huston, and by the 1970 film The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, starring Dominique Sanda. Something about the worldly glamour with an undercurrent of sex embodies this city’s style – the photographer David Bailey once described Huston’s beauty as “something dipped in darkness”. Max Mara’s georgette blouses were tucked into long skirts, which swished against knee-high boots. The shape was long and lean, though slightly loose, and there was a fuzzy, retro quality to the mostly black-and-white prints: soft stars, confetti, squiggles and abstract as well as Marimekko-style flowers.
  • Gucci adopted the the theme of ‘Dressing to please herself’ and this became the core of the show which was putting wardrobe favorites before experimental pieces. The item that appeared most frequently on the catwalk was a pair of cropped-to-the-calf, faded wide-leg jeans featuring chunky gold nautical buttons. Worn with a silk neck scarf, a delicate striped knit, a soft suede shoulder bag with a chunky canvas strap and a low ponytail, the look was simple, sophisticated and luxurious. The vintage, nautical mood continued with A-line suede skirts that featured gold sailor buttons and were identifiably Gucci. Suede trench dresses that fell just above the knee were nipped in at the waist, while jackets were boxy and in step with the denim jackets that appeared on the London catwalks earlier in the week.

Those were some top highlights from the runways! Now let’s take a look at the top trends seen at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 this season:

1) 1970’s Retro
2) The Bouquet-Tied Waist
3) Classic Culottes
4) Funky Flats
5) Seductive Sheers
6) Jeweled-Up Jeans
7) Pretty Princess Sparkle
8) Oxford Blue
9) Fringed Ponchos

And that’s the wrap up of Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015!  Stay tuned for our final blog post coming up with the top highlights and trends from Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015.

As always, stay fashionable, stay fabulous!

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