Following the excitement of New York, London brings on it’s A game as designers showcase and present with such allure. Leave it to the Brits to always bring something new to the table. These five days were packed with nonstop shows, presentations and events. With each designer pooling in their creativity piece of the puzzle to represent the greatness of London Fashion Week.

With it being a tough year for England as it has left the EU, everyone was in for a surprise as designers certainly did not disappoint. There was great and a definite amount of energy each and every day.

Although the Brit designers are individualists designers who work from minimalism to maximal and are always so differentiating, a common theme that was intercepted from various designer point of views was the theme of historical and romanticism. Let us now take a look back on some of the highlights of London Fashion Week as well as the top trends seen on the runways.

Congrats: Christopher Kane celebrates his tenth anniversary after leading out of Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art in 2006 and grew further into the talented designer he is today.

Burberry: Christopher Bailey took a complete turn for the ultimate best as he not only threw a sublime show but also launched the brand’s direct to consumer Women’s and Men’s collections. The stage was absolutely incredible as it was transformed into a large luxury stadium sized tented catwalk. The audience was brought a one of kind experience as Baily brought them into a carpeted home in Soho as the orchestra played on. One of his best collections yet, Baily expressed a touching British theme. It combined both Elizabethan elements with English Ariosto styles. From ruffs, brocades and velvet to pajamas and hot smoking jackets, the collection was fearless yet balanced while reckane_ss17_01presenting true British fashion.

Christopher Kane: This visionary designer continues to maintain all eyes. His collection revolved around contrast between beauty and the beast. The collection begun with showcasing elegant ladylike silhouettes from jackets, pencil skirts, dyed fur, and embroidered floras. From such stylish vibrancy, the collection emerged into evening glamour with silver and blue pleated draped dresses and black silk dresses. There was also play with lingerie that included laced bras and asymmetric tops. Kane is most defiantly a revolutionizing designer who continues to impress all.

Erdem: This season Erdem Moralioglu drew inspiration as he shipwrecked his damsels of the sea yet making each women sophisticated and elegant. The collection was full of patterns and prints that were constructed in a stunning manner of ladylike silhouettes. It included pieces such as trim jackets paired with long skirts and laced with large velvet bows. Other looks included off the shoulder evening gowns and picnic dresses matched with a pair of high platform sandals.The runway took the audience to a historical romantic atmosphere with inspirations of Gothic, Georgian and Napoleonic styles. Erdem certainly knows what his customers love.

Topshop Unique: There’s always a little something for every women from Topshop. This season Topshop’s collection derived inspiration from punk and new romantics of the late 70’s and early 80’s of London’s nightlife scene. It mixes ladylike silhouettes and adds attitude of rocker vibes. Garments included elements of shreds, high waists, ruffles on leather and floral on animal prints. There were subtle pieces for all the punks and 80’s style pieces for her usual daytime outfits. So which piece are you picking up for yourself from Topshop’s fabulous season collection?

It’s no doubt, there were so many expressive collections that hit the runway of London, so we’ve picked our favorite hottest trends below:

  1. Reworked Gingham
  2. Inflated Shoulders
  3. Khakis
  4. Sliced Out
  5. Humor Me
  6. Worn Out Denims
  7. Volumized
  8. Xtra Long Sleeve


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