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Calling all classy Ladies and Gents! Not sure where to have your late afternoon cocktails, indulge in your after-work wind-down haven or where to escape to at the weekend to whisk the night away? So many bars in many options…so what to do??? There may be an endless amount of options in this city, however, quantity does not mean quality. That is why we are here to direct you to the proper places! And if you want a place that excels service, decor, class and grand gourmet, then please head over to the GQ Bar where we were so kindly invited as guests recently.

The GQ Bar, located in the JW Marriott Marquis in Business Bay, Dubai was launched just less than a year ago. It’s inspired by the leading contemporary men’s lifestyle magazine, GQ. It is an ever-so sophisticated restaurant and lounge that combines stylish interiors, upbeat music, fabulous food and extraordinary cocktails.

We took a tour of the entire place staring with the restaurant area and I must say the interior and decor was exquisite! The whole ambience of the place was dimly lit and was accented with dark wood-panelled decor, as well as a black and white lounge. We were seated in the lounge area and were invited to try the lovely lounge food and cocktail menu.


As we were so kindly escorted to the luxurious lounge area, we were greeted by a friendly server. The assistant general manager, Mr. Sam Bailey, also greeted us and was an utmost gentleman of a host! Just a short time after being seated we were served quickly with an array of gourmet GQ bar samplers. The items we tried were:

1) GQ Mini Burgers
2) Lamb Kofta w/ raita sauce
3) Chicken Skewers
4) California Rolls
5) Brushetta w/olives and artichokes
6) Chickpea Cakes w/guacamole

I have to say my top-two favorites were the GQ mini burgers and the brushetta w/olives and artichokes!


After our nibbles, we headed straight for the cocktail menu! We wanted to try a mix of some cognac based drinks, others which were fruity and sweet and also some classics but with a twist. There was a vast array of choices but the ones we opted to try were:

1) Crime of Passion
2) Mojito Negra
3) St. William
4) Madagascar Mile
5) Prince Rumbutan
6) The Stiff Jab
7) Mauritian Royal
8) The 9-1-9
9) Suit and Tie

The drinks were all carefully made to perfection and each had it’s own unique garnish, which showed great attention to detail. Depending on your palette, one would choose what his/her favorite was, but as for me I couldn’t get enough of the ‘Crime of Passion’…even the name was heavenly in a sinful way ; )


We had a delightful, decedent time at the GQ Bar and I would recommend anyone looking for a hot spot to call their haven, then look no further than the GQ Bar!

You can check out their website for further details:

Thanks for reading Fashsetters and have a great weekend!

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