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Hello to all you fabulous Fashsetters out there! As our community is growing and we have an array of amazing talent as part of our “Fashsetter Family”, we would like to acknowledge this talent by featuring one member each month and giving them the spotlight in order for people to find out a bit more about them and their craft. In saying this, stay tuned if you are part of our community as you may get the spotlight next month! However, to kick off our first ‘Feature Fashsetter of the Month’, I would like to introduce you to Miss Natasha Northcote, blogger of “Red Lips and Lace”…which I thought would go perfect in conjunction with the month of February: the month of red…the month of seduction…the month of love ; )

I was able to ask Natasha some questions regrading herself and her lovely blog and this is what we found about this British beauty:

THEFASHSET: “Tell us a little bit about yourself.”

Natasha Northcote: “I have lived in Dubai for eight years but I am from the UK, and I was born in Singapore. I have grown up in Dubai where I completed my schooling and I am now studying marketing in my last year at Middlesex University Dubai.  I am 20 yeas old.”

TFS: “Can you tell us what inspires you and what drew you to becoming a blogger?”

NN: “I really love fashion and I find that styling really comes naturally to me. I wanted to share my love for high street fashion and all the great store choices we have in Dubai, and how I style through my blog.  I wanted people who are students, for example like me, to relate and feel that they can go out and buy that outfit and look great. But I also wanted to use it as a platform to share my life in Dubai and all the great places that I love.”

41c8bc1a7ef211e38b3a0efa9084805d_8TFS: “Can you give give us some insight on what you feel your blog, “Red Lips and Lace” really represents?”

NN: “Red Lips and Lace is an expression of myself : an English girl living in Dubai and her love for high street fashion, food and sparkles and everything in between, that she genuinely loves.”

TFS: “So as a fashion lover, then what are the three fashion items you just can’t live without?”

NN: “Red Lipstick! Every girl must have a red lipstick, as it always looks great and gives that sultry effect. Second, high waisted skirts. I will never get bored of them, you can always rely on them to give you that hourglass shape. Third, statement belts. They can really make an outfit and give that cinched waist look. BUT ALSO – laced bras. There is something really sexy about a lace strap on show, even if it’s intentional.”

TFS: “Anything else you’d like to share with our readers …”

NN: “I want my blog to be relatable for all kinds of women, and to show them that if they know what styles suit their body shapes they will always look great as they will be able to find those styles in all shops. There is always a great and unique outfit in high-street stores ,you just need to have the eye to find it.” I would like to thank Natasha for taking the time to let us know a little more about her life and her blog. If you would like to check out Natasha’s profile here on The Fashset, please check her out at:


Thanks for reading Fashsetters, and you may be next to reveal your craft to us! ; )

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