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Hello again my fellow Fashsetters! This month I’d like to introduce to you a special Fashsetter who not only is an amazing stylist but also a personal friend. I introduce to you personal image consultant extraordinaire, Miss Mariella Montanaro!

Mariella is beauty who derives from Milan, Italy and has been in the UAE for under a year…but she has been taking the personal styling world by storm here! She began her image consultancy company in Milan and then relocated to Dubai to expand her business. I sat down with Mariella to have her tell us a bit more about her company and explain in a little more detail what she does. Here is what she had to say:

“Ciao everybody! I am very happy to be the ‘Feature Fashsetter of the Month’ and I hope you will enjoy reading my profile.”

“I’m an Italian Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Wardrobe Consultant with a lot of experience in Fashion and the PR Industry in Milan, Italy. I have a Masters Degree in Web Fashion Management from the European Institute of Design, Milan, Italy. I style women from all over the world, which includes clients from Russia, Italy, USA, China and now my clients are predominately from the United Arab Emirates.”

“I’ve decided to become an image consultant to enable everybody to have ownership of their image and find their niche. Before taking up my career, I would give fashion tips to my friends and then I thought, why don’t I turn my passion into a service for those who really need it? So here I am, ready to make my experience and my competencies available upon request. I have been here in Dubai for about 6 months and I have decided to challenge myself and enter this new emerging market!”

THEFASHSET: “Mariella, can you tell us what inspires you and what really drew you to your craft?”

Mariella Montanaro: “My muse is Coco Chanel. I love her personality, her character and the way she changed fashion in such difficult times. I relate a lot to her because I was born on the same day: the19th of August, but 101 years later!”

“In addition, whom I really admire is Chiara Ferragni, an Italian blogger. She was extremely good and clever at creating a name for herself and positioning herself as a famous blogger. She began just posting pictures of herself dressed in stylish clothes and slowly she created a great business and brand out of it.”

“In the end, my favorite stylist is Patricia Field, because she became a success in the movie “Sex and the City”. She did an amazing job creating each and every detail to create different looks for each character based on their distinct personalities. My job is just that, I try to understand the personalities of my clients and find the right style that reflects that.”

TFS: “Can you give us a little more insight about your company and what it is to be an image consultant?”

MM: “As I mentioned before, I have worked in fashion for a long time in different areas (styling, marketing, pr, advertising, events, etc.) but I decided to specialize in image consultancy because my passion is to connect and listen to the wishes of my customers and make their special styling requests come true. Image consulting is an integrated service aiming to help a person to become aware and enhance their strengths to build up a winning image. Through codified techniques of morphological analysis and lifestyle, the image consultant builds a path of esteem and ‘re-looking’ that allows one to achieve the goals of style and harmony required by the customer.”

TFS: “You have only been here in the UAE for less than a year, but you have already managed to do so much! Where do you think you’ll be five years from now with your company?”

MM:  “My motto is ‘Dreams can come true… if we have the courage to purse them.’ I’m continuing to follow my dreams and in five years from now I see myself with an established career around and between Dubai and Milan. I’d like to organize ‘Shopping Tours’, where I can introduce my local customers to explore a completely different way of shopping.”

TFS: “So we are interested to know what a stylish Italian fashionista like you can’t live without…”

MM: “Well I will share with you my three MUST-HAVE staple fashion items”:

1. My Chanel 2.55 bag, that I can wear on any occasion and able to make my look more elegant and feminine.

2. I cannot live without my Louboutin shoes! Red soles make for a very sexy and seductive style for an evening out with friends!

3. Finally, in my wardrobe I cannot not do without my Elisabetta Franchi dress, an Italian brand that manages to make any women beautiful.

“When I put these three brands together, they make me feel sexy, feminine and elegant all at the same time.”

TFS: “Anything else you’d like to share with our readers Ms. Montanaro?”

MM: “I want to conclude by saying that everyone needs the chance to glam up sometimes! Everyone should create a unique, personal impression that works in harmony with their character and social environment. My job is to help you to become more confident with yourself, enhance your self-confidence in any relationship, find an image that gives you style effortlessly every day, leave your fashion mark on the world and let style help you achieve new career goals.”

“I will leave you with this: “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman” – Coco Chanel

Wow! Thanks Mariella for such a great interview and giving us all the pleasure of understanding a little more about your world and what exactly it is to be an personal image consultant!

If you have been inspired and would like to know more about Mariella and/or would like to book an appointment with her, please check out her personal profile on our community page:


Well there you have it! And as I always say, (and I’m sure Mariella would agree), stay fashionable, stay fabulous Fashsetters!!!

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