****Feature Fashsetter of the Month**** KIC Fashion Design Department


This month our Feature Fashsetter is the aspiring Fashion Design Department at Al Khawarizmi International College! (KIC)

The Fashion Design Associate Degree Program at KIC was the very first fashion design degree program accredited by the ministry in this country. The campus which is located in the heart of central Abu Dhabi, offers a two-year program that will prepare students for the world of fashion – that being a fashion designer or a student may choose to enter more of the business side of fashion. Additionally, graduates are well poised to pursue careers in the retail sector or apply their competence within cultural and costume design fields or pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.

The program encompasses a broadly based design education with an interactive approach to apparel design, as well as production strategies, textile development, and fashion styling. Students who will enroll in the fashion design degree program will except to take courses such as: fashion design, fashion drawing, draping and pattern drafting, garment production, fashion and textile history, and fashion marketing and production processes within the apparel industry. In the second year, students design and produce mini apparel collections, from concept to production, and create professional product portfolios.


While the program emphasizes fashion studies, it also provides a solid foundation in the English language and communication, software technologies, and cultural awareness. Students have the flexibility to elect either a business or fashion design concentration track in the second year of their studies.

I believe if you are someone interested in a fashion career in this country, the fashion design degree program at KIC is the very first step to take in order to achieve your dreams! The great thing also is that at the moment in this country, fashion and the fashion industry itself is rising rapidly, so the time is NOW to turn your dreams into reality! Education is a fundamental key to all success, so you just have to take the first step in the right direction. KIC can help you with that!

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