Dine Around Yas Mall Experience


Yas Mall: The newest, biggest, chicest shopping destination in Abu Dhabi. If you haven’t been, then I assure you, you’re missing out: The alluring ambience, the endless amount of retail shops to feed even the most severe shopaholic’s craving, the beautiful interiors, the lighting, even the smells that succumb to one’s senses while strolling around the mall – all of these aspects contribute and make what is the immaculate presence of Yas Mall. But wait…there’s more – THE FOOD! One definitely cannot enjoy a superb, leisurely day out at a mall without food to die for…and this is exactly what I’m going to elaborate on as I was so kindly invited by Yas Mall to take part in the “Dine Around Yas” experience.


The “Dine Around Yas” experience included a progressive lunch which included five different restaurants/cafes in Yas Mall, both indoor and out…and we dined at all five in about the time span of 2.5 hours! Needless to say, at the end my taste buds were put in pure overdrive, but it was nothing short of sheer delight!

The five lovely places we dined at were:

1) Café Bateel
2) Dish Dash
3) Giraffe
4) Illy cafe
5) Guylian


CAFE BATEELCafé Bateel represents the ultimate Bateel experience. A seamless blend of European café elegance and the distinct character of our Arabic heritage.

Cafe Bateel was our first stop and it was a great one to start with, as they state: “Come for coffee, stay for lunch!” Cafe Bateel launched it’s first cafe in Saudi Arabia and now has expanded to 16 different countries. It’s core essence is that of one ingredient: the Arabian gourmet date. It’s whole founding concept is revolved around this, and it’s the first of it’s kind I’ve ever seen. Almost everything we sampled had something or other with dates, whether it was the pulp itself, a subtle hint of the fabulous fruit blended into the other flavors to make for a tangy taste to the palette, or even just the essence. Either way, the date was the leading lady in this cafe!

A few of the items we sampled were:

1) Bateel Date Shake: vanilla ice cream, milk and fresh Rhutab dates
2) Mediterranean Sandwich: buffalo mozzarella, artichokes, eggplants, onions, bell peppers and pesto
3) Date Muesli: muesli, dates, apple, mixed berries and yoghurt
4) Sparkling Date Drink: Cafe Bateel’s signature drink! Made straight from Saudi Arabian dates.

DISH DASHDish Dash is an Emirati Arab based food concept with Shisha and one can enjoy their meal with the full view of the musical fountain.

Dish Dash was our next stop and it was an authentic Middle Eastern restaurant that had an amazing view which was stunning! You could opt to sit inside or out, with the gorgeous view of the water fountain that is just opposite Ferrari World. The decor was beautifully traditional with inspirations from the far Middle East and the cuisine was delectably delightful. Shisha is also offered at Dish Dash should one like to indulge a bit. The staff was extremely pleasant and I will most definitely return to Dish Dash to dine the night away!

A few of the items we sampled were:

1) Manoush: different kinds like cheese, Zataar and with minced meat
2) Mezze: Tabooleh, Hummus, Moutabel, fried Kebbeh and more
3) Mixed Grill: chicken, beef, lamb


GIRAFFE At Giraffe’s it’s about exploring the wonderful foods from around the globe and opening our ears to music from around the world.

Giraffe was our third destination, which is a restaurant chain that derives from the U.K. I had never been to a Giraffe’s before, but I was pleasantly pleased! It offered such a large selection of different food from all around the globe that anyone would be happy to dine here. As we sat down, we were served with a plethora of food! It just kept coming and coming and all the selections were all so different and international – from burgers and fish and chips to edemame, curries and koftas….I think we tried just about everything! After this third destination I think I was about to explode! But the food was really very good so I kept on eating! Not to mention all the lovely array of drinks that we were served with their neon, vibrant hues that were just as sweet and rich in flavor as they were in color.

A few of the items we sampled were:

1) The Giraffe Burger: angus beef burger, lettuce,tomato, dill pickle, mayo, smoky tomato relish, beef bacon & mature cheddar
2) Fish & Chips: battered haddock fillet with tartare sauce & mint pea purée
3) Edamame: soybean pods wok fried in soy & chili
4) Grilled Lamb Kofta: spiced ground lamb, flatbread, pomegranate & pistachio tabbouleh salad with tzatziki
5) Elderflower Collins: elderflower cordial, lime, pomegranate, soda


ILLY CAFEIlly embodies the values of beauty, goodness and the constant pursuit of perfection, where the uniqueness of illy espresso is accompanied by a selection of typical Italian food and the supply of all products in the world of illy.

After three stops of nothing but immense eating, we definitely needed a coffee break! And what better a place than the Illy Cafe, which was the fourth stop on our agenda. First of all, I love Illy coffee already, as I buy their coffee all the time and it’s one of my top coffees of choice to stock at home, but I had never been to one of their cafe’s so I was very excited to try it! The cafe or “Espressamente” as they say in Italian, is located right in the gorgeous Town Square area and it had the perfect ambience and view. We were seated in the outside terrace area and were served coffee of our choice upon arrival. I had heard that the famous “illycrema” was one not to be missed, so of course that was what I ordered. All I can say is, it was HEAVENLY! It was like a mix between a coffee and a milk shake and was as smooth and creamy as ever! It’s one I definitely recommend! In addition, we were served a lovely tiramisu which was doused with cold espresso – delectably decadent and delightful!

A few of the items we sampled were:

1) Illy Crema: a remarkably creamy take on illy’s singular taste, borne simply of illy espresso and micro crystals of ice.
2) Tiramisu: traditional Italian dessert consisting of layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee with powdered chocolate and mascarpone cheese.


GUYLIANWhen it comes to gourmet chocolate, Belgian chocolate delivers the world’s best experience. The meticulous attention to detail and the age-old traditions of Belgian Master-Chocolatiers deliver the superior gourmet chocolate that Guylian is known for.

And our fifth and final stop was at the Guylian Cafe…as if we hadn’t eaten and drunk enough by this point! But it was our grand finale and I must say it was the sweetest! The Guylian Belgium Chocolate Cafe is the first Guylian Cafe in the region, so it was a real treat trying it out. The atmosphere was elegant and the essence of chocolate was everywhere. We were served a beautiful sampling of chocolates, mini desserts, puff pastries, sweets and pretty much anything that could calm the craving of any sweet tooth! In addition, we were served an absolutely delightful and rich Belgian hot chocolate, which is their signature drink. All in all, this was the icing on the cake as they say, and it was a fabulous end to our perfect progressive lunch experience!


The “Dine Around Yas” experience was really a wonderful treat and I would really recommend anyone who’s looking for a leisurely day out accompanied by some amazing food, drinks, desserts, coffee etc., to head over to Yas Mall! I will definitely be back soon and hope to indulge and try out even more restaurants and cafes!

In addition to our wonderful food, we were also given an array of goody bags, gifts, vouchers and samplings from the restaurants which was just ever-so generous of them! So a big thank-you to all the restaurants that participated and allowed us into their “homes” for one day to serve us and also a huge thank-you to Yas mall as well for hosting us with such a wonderful experience!


For further details or to find out more about Yas Mall, please go to their website: www.yasmall.ae

Have a great weekend Fashsetters and if you’re hungry you now know where to go… ; )

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