Narimane Kurdi Luxury Consultancy

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Phone: +971 (0) 50 444 1935

As an internationally-minded luxury specialist, with deep rooted knowledge and experience in the Middle East and Pan-Arab markets, Narimane Kurdi Luxury Consultancy offers a rich and diverse strategic approach to brand-building.

Bringing together a passionate blend of Art, Fashion and Luxury, our team delivers a unique and prestigious value proposition to help define and position your brand into elusive and exclusive luxury markets.

With strong relationships shaped with international influencers and trend setters, Narimane Kurdi Luxury Consultancy is well-aligned to negotiate strategic partnerships with leading luxury lifestyle brands and help propel emerging brands into new and exciting markets.

Globally recognized luxury brands, including Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Armani and Stella McCartney, have benefited from the marketing contributions of Narimane Kurdi, while enjoying continued growth and success.

With strength and focus on ‘big picture’ thinking, the high-level approach proves to compliment the ability to ‘muster the troops’ and create organizational alignment towards overall brand goals.

Built in the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, combined with an experienced financial and commercial background, Narimane Kurdi Luxury Consultancy delivers the strategic guidance and goals in building successful luxury brands in Art, Apparel, Cosmetics, and Fashion

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