Nirvana is a fashion house that caters to the whims and allure of every woman. Nirvana started on a small scale in Jeddah, almost 20 years ago when it’s founder decided to explore her talents and bring a variety to the Saudi market.

Nirvana’s clientele was limited to a specific group of buyers. The business started small at home and then deployed her set of craftsmen and couturiers in different parts of India. Now the Nirvana team of designers is open to the local market as they rise with growing popularity with their wedding and party occasion ensembles. They prefer to meet their clients or at least go through their profile before deciding on their wardrobes.

Their new collection consists of a fun selection of colored trousers and party dresses. Nirvana’s unique selling point lies in its nurturing concept behind the brand. You can choose from an intense array of colors and a range of materials used to stitch every item from scratch. The main designs range from jalabbiyas, western gowns, arab kaftans, Indian sarees or skirts that cater to your desire and complete an immaculate look. Nirvana also designs traditional wedding jewelry. Every Nirvana gown and ensemble evokes feelings of desire.

Collaborating between urban and Mediterranean themes, Nirvana merges the right blend of ethnic South Asian and regal Arab wear. Flowing kaftans under the summer sun, soft lined silk trousers, carefree skirts and gala gowns for festive occasions are all part of the series. Each garment is fundamentally designed keeping in mind the mood and eccentric nature of the person it is designed for.

Nirvana is currently taking orders for Eid, bridal and wedding events. They have designed gowns, kaftans and shirts that can be worn with skirts and jeans. Most materials diverge from fabric to the type of garment it is used for. Nirvana offers an unconventional array of bridal wear adding hues of cosmopolitan yet cultural hints in their designs. The fabrics include brocades, cotton, velvet, silk, net, lace, tussar and organza. In a color palette favored for wedding wear, the hue pallet is a combustion of maroon, gold, cobalt, burgundy, old rose, purple, gray, magenta, cream, parrot green, olive, royal blue, fawn, black and brown. Trousers are carefully constructed with soft chiffon and brocades using linen and silk.Gowns are illustrated with chiffons and silk.

Nirvana’s traditional and beautiful Indian sarees are bold in print and strewn with gorgeous georgette designs, and sometimes in chiffon and silk for the perfect evening. Sarees are usually cast with touches of velvet appliqué and regal zardozi work. You can even have multi-paneled swirling skirts in georgette, chiffon, and silk with net draped over bejeweled pieces.

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