Joyce Peñas

Contact Details:
Phone Number: 009178201954

Awarded Miss MWI Ambassador 2013. Style Icon of the Philippines 2013 and Best Dressed Women of the Philippines 2013.

A Filipino couture designer based in Germany awarded most outstanding Filipino artist in Baden Wurttemberg, Germany. Known for her paintings, ceramics, hosting, singing, book author, model, beauty queen and now jewelry and fashion designer.

She is making a new trend in couture and fashion accessories by creating daring jewelries and cocktail dresses and gowns that are truly special and have unique styles. She describes her collections as sexy and daring but sophisticated which will makes her clients happy, proud and confident. Using eco-friendly materials such as Inabel Iloco from Ilocos, Philippines, it’s an abaca fiber and she also uses pineapple fabric and silk. Her goal was to promote Filipino fabrics and help her country by giving jobs to women as their livelihood as well. She’s currently coordinating other people regarding the use of other materials which will be used for her future shows. For her fashion accessories, she’s using pearls, capiz, woods, shells and native materials.

In 2010, she presented her jewelry collection in collaboration with fashion designer John Guarnes in the Philippine Fashion Week 2010. In 2011, she presented her holiday collection at the Philippines Fashion Week and in October of that year she presented her summer collection.

In July 2012, she was invited to join the J Summer Fashion Show in Seine, Paris and she received rave reviews after the show.

She was featured on several magazines with exceptional applause on her collections.

She was tagged as:

“Queen of Philippine Eco-Couture” – Eluxe Magazine.

“Her line of couture fabrics and creations are both elegant and daring but also are a nod to traditional Filipino garments” –

“One designer, a true visionary, who certainly stood out, was none other than Joyce Pilarsky. There is no way that the stunning floral creations she sent down the runway were forgettable!” – Fashion Nexus

“Add nationalism to the list. She designed the Philippine map on one of her gowns during a fashion show abroad” –Zele Magazine.

At Fashion Week Brooklyn she represented the Philippines with beautiful bright colors and perfectly woven garments and she was dubbed as the phenomenal designer

Joyce is also the author of the book YSG! YOUNG, SEXY & GORGEOUS! by JOYCE PEÑAS PILARSKY which introduces the concept of health as the basis of staying young and beautiful.

She already has joined local and international shows like Philippine Fashion Week, J Summer Collections in Seine, Paris, Summer Fashion Show in Baden, Germany, Fashion Week Brooklyn, New York, and Ecoluxe London during London Fashion Week.

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