Pom-Pom Couture


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Phone: +971 04 3804684
Email: info@pompomcouture.com
Website: www.pompomcouture.com
Facebook: facebook.com/pompomcouture
Twitter: twitter.com/pompomcouture
Pinterest: pinterest.com/pompomcouture
Instagram: instragram.com/pompomcouture

Pom Pom Couture is a vibrant fusion of global fashion and was founded to break boundaries with elegance and energy. Treat yourself to designs that blend the seams between cultures, merging diverse silhouettes into stunning new figures for the modern woman.

Michelangelo once said that a beautiful figure exists inside every unshapened stone; all you have to do is chip away the parts that are hiding it to reveal the splendor beneath. Founder of Pom Pom Couture, Fatima Habib, works in reverse of the industry standard. She’s an artist first. Like a sculptor, she begins by falling in love with a fabric, letting each design spring from the living energy in every weave and pattern of the cloth. She captures its spirit and flow in shapes that bring its natural qualities to life. Her unique designs are both trendy and functional, produced in limited numbers with quality stitched into every molded seam.

Located in the blossoming hub of Dubai, UAE, Pom Pom Couture’s original boutique collections are produced in limited quantities to suit the desires of today’s discerning fashionistas. Loving attention is put into every stitch, ensuring meticulous quality and originality that caters to fine tastes. Avoiding both the repetitive lines of shopping mall chains and the exclusive price tags of designer brands, the results of our limited boutique collections speak for themselves.


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