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Gentlemen, Crespin has been created for you. To finally bring you what you struggle to find in the UAE: your well-designed, high-quality shoes at a fair price.

At Crespin, we exclusively work with cobblers based in France, the same who also supply the most famous shoe brands, to leverage on their traditional know-how which has made the success for French luxury worldwide. This fine craftsmanship, associated with a meticulous selection of the finest leathers, enables us to propose you with exceptional shoes, initially intended to be sold at higher prices in luxury boutiques.

High quality shoes usually come at an insane price most men don’t want to spend so much money for. We decided to fix this by cutting all superfluous costs luxury brands engage in by opening a boutique, proposing our products online and during pop up events! This way, we made sure to propose the best value for money shoes to our customers.

Truly, we put all our efforts together to bring you these shoes we were craving so deeply as customers. We hope you will enjoy wearing your pair of Crespin shoes as much as we do.


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