The Glam Crush Chronicle

As a girl with many crushes on all things chic, pretty, glam & fab, I have spent many hours browsing through fashion blogs & websites in search for one that would talk to me; Regularly (well not so regularly!), young (ish), fierce (very), ambitious professional woman who love fashion & beauty, who want to look stylish and wear trendy clothes, try out the latest make-up looks BUT have a budget to stick to and can’t quite afford the high-end luxury brands (well, once in a while maybe!). Needless to say, I didn’t quite find what I was looking for and so that’s how The Glam Crush Chronicle was born.

This blog is certainly more high-street than haute-couture. It is all about effortless, affordable style, beauty & skin care products and accessories. A guide to my fashion, accessories, shoes, beauty products and make-up crushes (and trust me I have many!). So follow my Chronicle as I unravel my numerous Crushes!

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