Angel’s Corner

Hi lovelies, my name is Fatma and I am 25 yrs old. A simple girl born and brought up in Dubai, who finds happiness in simple things. Happily married to the love of my life and a sucker for anything cute and beautiful.

To Me…
Passion…Blogging about anything and everything that excites me
Peace…Reading a book at a nice ‘lil café with a cuppa’ coffee
Happiness…Lots of shopping, make-up and travel
Life…Family and friends

I am a beauty/fashion addict. I blog about beauty products, reviews, make up looks, fashion and lifestyle! In simple terms, it is a small journal I maintain on the World Wide Web. Fashion to me should reflect your personality. I see no correlation between style and a hefty price tag.

My blog is very interactive. I write for my readers and hence your feedback and interaction is the key to my happiness and success.

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