Desert Rose Designs

Desert Rose Designs is a family company, which specializes in handbags, laptop cases and more. We work primarily with leather but also PU leathers and fabrics if the customer requests it. We have access to fine imported leathers and leather specifically available from India as well. We seek to work with serious buyers who want quality work and small volumes. With regards to PU there is no minimum quantity, the only condition is its availability. With leather, our minimum quantity is 2000 sq ft. as that is the minimum quantity required by the tanneries to process leather. That leather can be spaced out along the collection in different styles.

Our focus is to constantly endeavor to maintain a high standard of quality and we are open and flexible in our approach with our customers. We have worked with buyers from Europe in developing their bags from an idea to the finished product and that takes hard work and passion however it is all worth it when the buyer is satisfied.

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