Asia De Cuba – Abu Dhabi’s New Hot Haven!

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Asia De Cuba…my latest dining destination. But boy was it much more than I bargained for! If you want to go to one of the hottest new restaurants in Abu Dhabi which relinquishes luxury, has an immaculate ambiance and is just sheer pleasure to the taste buds, then my Lord, please don’t look any further!

Asia De Cuba, which just launched here in Abu Dhabi is located in the St. Regis Hotel, Nation Riviera Beach Club and lies right along the beautiful Corniche beach. I had know Asia De Cuba from back in the U.S., so I was pleasantly pleased to hear of it’s arrival in Abu Dhabi. So craving for a little Asia/Cuban spice to my palette, I headed over to Asia De Cuba with a few friends to check it out. Let’s just say, being overly satisfied with my experience is an understatement!

Upon walking in, we were greeted by the friendly, beautiful staff and escorted through the main dining area, which was luxuriously decored and had a very posh atmosphere. However, we requested to sit outside, so we were escorted to the patio. Upon arriving to the outside dining area, we were all in a bit of aww…It was just gorgeous! An ambiance of pure bliss! The view was gorgeous looking over the full stretch of the corniche beach, there were private cabanas that could be used and dined in as well and there was a beautiful bar accented with many bright colors and serving up any cocktail your little heart desired! Our waiting staff was just lovely and gave us the utmost premium service too.


Now, to the best part: THE FOOD! We sampled 13 dishes off the menu, along with 4 different cocktails and 4 different desserts. The food was just wonderful and each dish had it’s own special hint of spice and flavor. Now, I must say the two things I loved most off the menu and were just to die for were the CERVICHE DE PESCADO, from the cerviche bar and the SPICY LOBSTER SOFRITO, from the wok. OMG, OMG, OMG is all I can say! We ordered one order of the Cerviche de Pescado, and had to order two more plates because it was just too excellent, and we ordered two plates of the Spicy Lobster Sofrito as well. Our favorite cocktail was the CORNICHE ROYALE and favorite dessert was a close tie, but we loved both the TRES LECHES DE CHOCOLATE and the GUAVA WHIPPED CHEESECAKE.


However, everything was wonderful, depending on your own palette. We sampled cerviche, shrimp, calamari, lobster, crab, chicken, beef, steak, cheese, tofu, eggplant, plantane and more…

Here is a detailed list of everything we ordered:


1) CEVICHE DE PESCADO, 50dhs – thai chili, red onion, cilantro, plantains
2) SHRIMP CEVICHE, 70dhs – shiso, aji amarillo, wasabi
3) CALAMARI CEVICHE, 65dhs – ginger chimichurri, crushed tomato


1) SHRIMP CHURROS, 75dhs – sesame, coconut curry
2) CHICKEN CHICHARRONES, 50dhs – ‘traditional’ or honey soy glaze
3) GOAT CHEESE FRITTERS, 45dhs – mango cucumber relish, jalapeño aioli
4) SWEET & SOUR TOFU, 40dhs – tostones, cucumber (v)


1) KING CRAB & ASIAN PEAR, 85dhs – toasted coriander vinaigrette, orange, ancho chili
2) SWEET SOY MARINATED BEEF CARPACCIO, 90dhs – peanuts, pickled vegetables, mango, yuzu


1) SPICY LOBSTER SOFRITO, 140dhs – udon noodles, thai chili, gai choy
2) MOJO DUCK CONFIT, 95dhs – brown rice, orange, thai basil, poached egg


1) WAGYU STRIP STEAK, 270dhs – crispy chipotle soy potatoes, fresh hearts of palm salad


1) CHINESE EGGPLANT & SWEET PLANTAIN RAGU, 35dhs – vegatarian mix of eggplant, plantain and spices


1) CORNICHE ROYALE, 100dhs – champagne, gin, clarified watermelon, vanilla, yuzu
2) SPRING & MULBERRY, 60dhs – vodka, blackbeery, elderflower, créme de violette, lime


1) BUENA VISTA, 35dhs – rhubarb, passion fruit, pineapple
2) MARIPOSA ROSA, 35dhs – hibiscus, raspberry, watermelon


1) THAI COCONUT & LEMONGRASS FLAN, 45dhs – honeydew, caramel
2) TRES LECHES DE CHOCOLATE, 50dhs – chocolate szechuan peppercorn ice cream
3) GUAVA WHIPPED CHEESECAKE, 50dhs – coconut tuile
4) SORBET, 30dhs – meringue, yuzu, coconut water

So there you have it! I highly, highly recommend Asia De Cuba in Abu Dhabi for both it’s superb food as well as it’s gorgeous ambiance! But don’t take my word for it…book a table and try it for yourself. You best believe I will be back there again soon ; )

You can also go check out their website for complete details:

And the word is, their next destination is a location in Dubai….

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend Fashsetters!

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