Abu Dhabi Fashion Days

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We here at The Fashset attended a wonderful event last night in Abu Dhabi. The event was the launch of a new concept called “Abu Dhabi Fashion Days” – if you think Dubai is the only up and coming fashion star in the making, then you are quite mistaken! Abu Dhabi may be the little sister to Dubai in regards to the fashion world but it is definitely catching up! I have attended quite a few very successful fashion events in Abu Dhabi but this one I must say is something that may bring Abu Dhabi just one step higher on the fashion map!

The event took place at a ritzy art gallery, called the Gaft. The place was adorned with fashionistas galore and there was an array of lovely food, drinks and photographers to take your “selfies” for you! I was very fortunate to talk to the founder of Abu Dhabi Fashion Days herself and she was an absolute gem! Her name is Sumayyah Al Suwaidi and she’s a lovely local Emirati woman. I asked her if she could please tell me a bit more about what Abu Dhabi Fashion Days was all about and she did so with pleasure. This is the inside info that I found out:

So this concept is the first luxury fashion tradeshow for emerging designers in Abu Dhabi and will take place twice a year to showcase both the designer’s spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. When asked if this concept was similar to the Fashion Forward event that started this past year in Dubai, she said not really. She told me Fashion Forward hosts many, many fashion shows throughout the event and that they hold fashion panel talks (I know…I spent four days at Fashion Forward this last season!), whereas Abu Dhabi Fashion Days is strictly a “tradeshow” and although they host fashion shows, the shows take place only on the very first day of the event. Throughout the other days, fashion designers will be set up in “Designer Alley” to showcase and sell their merchandise. This is also a place for all buyers to attend and see if they would like to make any purchases for their retail stores.
Aside from the basics, they are also holding a few very fun competitions during the event like, best emerging fashion designer, best fashion illustrator and a contest called “Dress the Mannequin” in which all mannequins will be auctioned off and proceeds will be given to the EWA’A charity.

The event takes place from March 5th- 8th, 2014. If you are a fashion designer and you are interested in registering and showcasing your work at this lovely tradeshow event, please go to www.abudhabifashiondays.com where you can find out more information and register. If you would like a press or visitor’s pass, also please inquire within through the website.

So my fellow Fashsetters, you know I’ll be attending this lovely luxurious tradeshow! Will you??? Hope to see you all there ; )

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