Abu Dhabi Fashion Days 2014 – Take Two!


And it was that time again…time for the second round of Abu Dhabi Fashion Days! This was their second event (the first one launched in March earlier this year) and there was a whole new line up for this show!

If you don’t know what Abu Dhabi Fashion Days is or if you have never heard of them, then let me spill the beans to you: ADFD is a luxury fashion tradeshow and is a cross road between talent, entrepreneurship and support in the ME region. Abu Dhabi Fashion Days follows the international fashion seaseon calendar, i.e. Summer/Spring  & Autumn/Winter. The show takes place twice a year. This allows buyers to browse vendors at the event in order to place orders for their shops for the upcoming season and it allows designers to have year round activity and opportunity within each season to showcase their collections.


There are four lovely Emerati women who are the founders of Abu Dhabi Fashion days, one of them being Miss Sumayyah Al Suwaidi, who I have met on a number of occasions and she is just an absolute gem! She herself is a talented fashion designer and artist. Along with the other beautiful women, they have put together a great fashion event that we can look forward to attending twice a year in Abu Dhabi…and picking up some killer pieces from designers!

In addition to showcasing designers, Abu Dhabi Fashion days also runs a few competitions like:

1. Best Emerging Designer & Best Illustrator. These two competitions support young designers to become recognized and commissioned which will help them eventually to start and launch their own business.

2. Dress The Mannequin: An art/fashion exhibition to raise awareness of the creative Emirati and non-Emirati residents of the UAE which highlights and encourages potential buyers and business partners to approach these talented artists for their creative projects. Each designer is given a miniature mannequin to recreate it in their own technique, and then it is displayed in an exhibition where people can buy them by participating in its silent bidding auction. All proceeds from the auction goes towards charity.

So if you missed Abu Dhabi Fashion Days this season, make sure to check them out next season! This event always takes place at ADNEC in Abu Dhabi for four days. Timing is from 4pm – 11pm daily and there is just a small ticket price of 20Dhs. Children under 12 years old get in free.

If you would like to know more, please visit the ADFD website at: www.abudhabifashiondays.com
or send them an email at: info@abudhabifashiondays.com

Thanks for reading Fashsetters and as always:  Stay Fashionable…Stay Fabulous! XOXO


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