Who We Are

We are a team of professionals that bring a mixture of fashion, technology and business experience to help create a strong, rewarding and flourishing community.

Shikkha Gupta

Shikkha Gupta, has over five years of experience in management and business consulting. Her forte has been in the field of innovation consulting and she has helped organizations in the region strategize and ideate on a number of projects. She has a M.S. in Engineering Management from Northeastern University and is currently pursuing her Doctor in Business Administration degree at Herriot Watt University, Dubai.

Her diverse background and strong passion for entrepreneurship led her to develop the concept of TheFashSet. She received numerous requests from friends and acquaintances on guidance and advice on starting out as an entrepreneur. Marrying her desire to help out fellow entrepreneurs and her love for fashion seemed like her calling. She loves connecting and collaborating with people and strongly believes that change is only constant. She is constantly on the lookout for the next big thing in Fashion and Technology!

Rose-Helen Adamo

Rose-Helen Adamo has over seven years of international experience working within the fashion industry. An Italian who was raised in the U.S. and calls San Francisco, California her home base, she was inspired and fascinated at a very early age with the ever-enchanting world of fashion. She credits her Italian background, Sicilian mother and fashion idol, Sophia Loren as what led her to appreciate and understand what the epitome of fashion really is, thus allowing her to choose her career path.

Rose-Helen holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Marketing/Management and while in San Francisco, she worked in an array of projects. She started in fashion retail, moved onto becoming a personal stylist for a large company as well as catering to private clients, she styled editorial shoots for fashion photographers, put together photo shoots and runway show productions for local designers and she was also the production manager for a fashion PR agency. In 2009, she moved onto accept a job as a trend analyst/assistant trend editor for a global fashion trend forecasting company based in New York and was sent to Europe to work within their newly opened German market, where she resided in Munich for four years. In early 2013, a number of circumstances led her to relocate to the UAE, where she is currently living and calling her home.

A vigorous advocate of following your dreams and knowing you can achieve anything in this life if you apply hard work, determination and the belief in oneself, Rose-Helen has seen immense opportunity for the fashion industry to grow in this country and strongly believes that people with a dream, with an idea, with skills, passions and aspirations should have a way to showcase this and that their voice should be heard. She believes with all her grace that The FashSet is that avenue for these dreamers to collaborate, interact, research, learn, contribute and finally turn that anticipating dream into a true-to-life reality.

Advisory Board